Canadus battery reconditioner

Extend the service life of your batteries. This battery reconditioner prevents the harmful sulphating process from starting on new batteries. Battery related issues causes a lot of problems and are costly for our customers. In many cases these issues are due to a sulphated battery. When a battery has started the sulphating process it becomes less able to charge. It will also empty faster than a non-sulphated battery. Also, a sulphated battery will not give the vehicle enough starting power and the need for assistance will be more frequent. In the longer term the lack of power will affect the generator. Lack of battery maintenance in terms of charging and ensuring proper water levels, will quicken the sulphating process. More than 50% of the rolling fleet experience battery-related problems within a period of three years from when the battery was new. Battery problems are costly but can be prevented. By sending out pulses, the battery reconditioner prevents the harmful sulphating process from starting. The battery reconditioner prolongs the life of the battery, increasing the professional transporter's reliability by eliminating expensive costs for downtime and inability to meet commitments due to battery problems. The battery reconditioner can be used for all types of 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries. The battery reconditioner does not harm the vehicle's electronic equipment or other installed devices connected to the battery. Combine the battery reconditioner with a battery charger and you will keep up your professional reliability by eliminating battery problems. For best results install the battery reconditioner on new batteries.

- Canadus HD 1224

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