Cab Coolers

Given all the hours you spend behind the wheel, you need to make sure the air in your cab is always clean and fresh and at a comfortable temperature. This is a prerequisite for your comfort, regardless of whether you need to stay cool on hot days or clear your cab of ice quickly in freezing conditions. We have here the products that can make sure your work climate is always at its best, no matter what the weather on the other side of the windscreen.

Advantages (Slim version)

  • Saves fuel – keeps the cab cool at night without idling the truck motor.
  • Driver comfort – maintains a comfortable cab temperature.
  • Reduces maintenance – the less truck engines idle, the less maintenance they require.
  • Euro 6 perfect match – being extremely low, this unit is the ideal solution to comply with height restrictions.


  • Manual and automatic function
  • Easy mounting without drilling cab roof on trucks with a hatch
  • Digital thermometer (in ºC & ºF)
  • Interior control panel
  • Pre-charged system with R134A refrigerant
  • Remote control by radio-frequency (RF)
  • Double battery protection
  • Available in 24V
  • 5 ventilation speeds
  • Time programming function



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Cab coolers
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Cab coolers

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