Rear View HD camera MINI DIN

Part nr.: 2758822
Part Description:
High Resolution CMOS camera (1.23 Mega pixels)
• 1/3.2” Color CMOS HD resolution image sensor
• IP69K Waterproof Rating
• Diagonal 150˚ Viewing
• Normal/Mirror Image switching
• Ultra low light performance
• Automatic Electronic Iris, WDR Function
• Built-in Microphone
• Built-in IR LED’s, ICR Filter Block
• Built-in Dual Heater
• (heater 1 : startup below +10˚C, heater 2 : startup below -10˚C )
• Operating Temp. - 50˚C ~ + 80˚C

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MINI DIN Camera System

MINI DIN Camera System

Rear view camera with auto shutter. Protects the lens against dirt. The rear view camera can be connected to the premium radio via the interface or to the 7-inch LED DDIN monitor PGR (2245725) NTG (2596992).

- High Resolution CCD Camera (1,230,000 pixels)
- Motorized Shutter
- Built-in IR LED's
- Waterproof Housing (IP69K)
- Diagonal 150 Viewing
- Built-in Automatic Heater (below +10C)
- Temperature range -40C ~ +80C

Rear view camera HD

Part nr.: 2660324
Part Description:
•High resolution CMOS camera (1.23 Mega pixels)
•1/3.2” Color CMOS high resolution image sensor
•IP69K Waterproof Rating
•Diagonal 150˚ Viewing (Optional : Diagonal 130˚ Viewing )
•Normal/Mirror Image switching
•Ultra low light performance ,Built in ICR filter block
•Automatic Electronic Iris ,WDR Function
•Built-in Microphone
•Built-in IR LED’s
•Built-in Automatic Heater (below +10˚C)
•Temp. -40˚C ~ 80˚C
•Vibration resistant
•Motorizedshutter (to protect the lens surface)
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Digital 8" TFT LCD monitor

Part nr.: 2660322
Part Description:

High resolution 8 Inch Digital TFT LCD (16:9)
Connects up to three cameras (shutter camera compatible)
Single display mode (by trigger mode)
Built in 2 types parking lines
IP 64 Water proof housing
Automatic brightness sensor (day and night)
Built in speaker
Speed switch function
Shutter Memory Function

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Digital 8" TFT LCD monitor QUAD

Part nr.: 2660321
Part Description:
 High Resolution 8" DIGITAL TFT LCD Monitor
 Free Input Voltage (DC 10V ~ 30V)
 NTSC / PAL Compatibility
 4 Camera Inputs & 4 Triggers
(CA1/2/3/4 shutter camera compatible)
Single display mode, Left/Right and Top/Bottom
display in Split mode, Left/Right and PIP Display in
Triple mode, Quad mode, H-Quad mode
2 Types Parking Line
Waterproof Housing (IP-64)
Rubber Touch Neutral Black Housing
Automatic Brightness Sensor (Day & Night)
Built-in the Reverse Polarity Protection Circuit
Built-in Speaker
Speed Switch Function
Shutter Memory Function
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2758817 Interface 1 cam AUS4 MINI DIN

Interface 1 cam AUS4 MINI DIN

Part nr.: 2758817
Part Description:

The interface has one camera inputs that allow the connection of  MINI DIN Shutter camera 2660324  to Scania Premium Radio.

Connected to Premium radio (AUS4).

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Part nr.: 2629325
Part Description:

Camera interface

The interface has two camera inputs that allow the connection of Visor camera 1903597 and Side view camera 2633324 to Scania Premium Radio.

Connected to Premium radio and BCI.

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Prioritation box MINI DIN

Part nr.: 2758816
Part Description:

Prioritation box.
Automatically switches camera when the trailer is disconnected.

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Junction box

Part nr.: 1903617
Part Description:
No description available
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side view camera IR LED MINI DIN

Part nr.: 2633324
Part Description:

Combine with Interface 2629325 NTG or Interface 2629324 PGR to enhance security around the vehicle. Connected to BCI and activated using the indicator lever. Fully flexible since it can be mirrored with the press of a button.
- Waterproof camera housing IP68
- 470.000 pixels
- 520 TV lines.
- High light sensitivity 0 Lux (W/IR LED)
- built in automatic heating (below +10 °C)
- Flexible application area, side view, rear view, monitoring, etc.)
- Normal/mirrored
-Operating temperature to 30°C -+50°C
- 130° diagonal view

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