Snow brush and ice scraper

Kungs Star-Is snow brush and ice scraper

Part nr.: 2748039
Part Description:

Star-Is is an effective snow brush and ice scraper for cleaning in all snow conditions.

Star-Is has a brush head with integrated rubber scraper to remove wet and heavy snow. The brush head can be set in two positions, either T-shape or straight.

The handle is telescopic and can be adjusted steplessly for extra long reach. In T-shape the length is 820-1140 mm, and for straight it is 930-1250 mm.

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Kungs Tele-Is snow brush and ice scraper

Part nr.: 2599617
Part Description:
Smart all-in-one snow brush and ice scraper. With built-in telescopic handle that can be pulled out from 770 mm to 1 050 mm. It is simple to use and the telescopic lock is stable and weatherproof.
At one end there is an effective snow brush and at the other end there is a tough ice scraper made of frost-proof polycarbonate. The ice scraper has three scraping edges and a notch for cleaning wiper blades from ice and snow.
A handle with a comfortable grip for optimal comfort when using this winter tool.
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Kungs replacement blade

Part nr.: 2748040
Part Description:

Replacement blade for Kungs snow brush and ice scraper, Star-Is 2748039 and Tele-Is 2599617.

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