CB radio from Stabo

The CB radio supports 7 selectable channels and has direct access to channel 19. 1-DIN installation frame and microphone/external speaker are included.

xm 3003e-R

Part nr.: 2151241
Part Description:
The CB-radio is easy to use and fast to install with factory preparation, 391. 1-DIN installation frame and microphone are included. Stabo xm 3003e is equipped with six switchable frequency tables: EU: 40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W); PL: 40 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W) with -5kHz offset; d: 80 FM (4W), 40 AM (4W); EC 40 FM (4W); U: 40FM/AM (4W) CEPT + 40 FM (4W) MPT 1382; In: 27 FM (4W), 27 AM (4W). Direct access to the channel 19. 6-pin microphone socket. E-mark certified. Prior to useing the radio set, find out more about the current national legal provisions. Be sure to observe the relevant provisions as well as any possible obligation to register.