Anti-siphon device high

This robust Scania anti-siphon collar prevents fuel theft. Tank neck size 60 mm. Rapid fit. Compatible with original Scania fuel cap. Clear, visible deterrent to fuel thieves. Stops siphoning from the top of the tank, rapid fit in 2 minutes. No gluing, no drilling, no damage to tank neck, no splash-back/welling. Tested to 120 litres/min (50 gallons/min for US High Flow Pumps). All-Makes bayonet & screw fittings available for all commercial vehicles. Interchangeable between vehicles. Withstands serious attacks. Compatible with original fuel cap. Tank neck size 60 mm

New design Anti-siphon device High.

Part nr.: 2457921
Part Description:
Anti-siphone device High, with built in mesh for increased safety and a higher fluid flow rate.

New design Anti-siphon kit - High.

Part nr.: 2457922
Part Description:
Kit, including Anti-siphone device p/n 2457921 + anti spill valve p/n 2457924.