Steering wheel in genuine leather trim for optimum comfort. Gives the cab an exclusive feel.

Leather trim, P-, G-, R-, T-series

Part nr.: 1495395
Part Description:

Observe the following:

The Basic steering wheel is available in two different original versions. These cannot be selected by the customer. The selection is controlled by other choices which the customer makes, such as radio, retarder, airbag, etc.

Steering wheel type 1 has recesses for the cruise control and trip meter, but it has no recesses for radio buttons and it comes without an airbag.

Steering wheel type 2 has recesses for radio buttons, cruise control and the trip meter, and it comes with or without an airbag.

The signal cap varies depending on whether the steering wheel is type 1 or type 2.

Scania's accessory steering wheels are always provided in the type 2 version, which means that they have recesses for radio buttons.

Important: If the original steering wheel is a type 1 version with no recesses for radio buttons, it is necessary to supplement it with blanking pieces for the radio buttons and a type 2 signal cap.

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