Electric cab heater

Effective for de-icing the cab and creates a warm and comfortable environment in the cab. Drivers save time and have a quick start on even the coldest of mornings.

Electric cab heater

Part nr.: 2796076
Part Description:

WaveLine 1700 have two power modes (1700 W and 1100 W) and is fitted with a three-position switch, off/half-power/full-power. The cab heater is self-adjusting, meaning it adjust the power based on the surrounding temperature. It’s also fitted with a resettable temperature limiter that cuts power if the temperature exceeds a permitted value.

The design is black and red. Dimensions are 195x145x50 mm. It can be installed in different ways: use the mounting hold, the quick clip, or the wire bracket.

The cab heater must be connected to 230 V AC power. FPC 2984 electrical socket for stationary use can be used if appropriate.

The model meet the electrical safety regulations and is S-marked.

Manual included in languages: Swedish, Finnish, English and German.

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