Compact 24 V

Avoid drained batteries, the cost of jump starts and extend your battery life. The compact 24 V battery charger is easy and safe to install with the calix plug-and-play system and the included mounting plate. Power cord not included. Guaranteed EMC approved levels. IP65. Modern vehicles with advanced electrical control systems require a fully charged battery. Particularly for short driving distances. A fully charged battery does lasts longer. To guarantee sufficient power in the batteries we have developed a Scania adapted 24 V battery charger kit. The charger is intended for rechargeable lead batteries with a capacity larger than 24Ah, and it is approved for fixed installation (IP65) in motor vehicles with 24 V electrical systems. No need to unscrew the battery's cell plugs or to detach the battery cables when charging. Dimensioned to charge at low temperatures. The instructions from the battery manufacturer on maintenance, refilling distilled water, cleaning and similar must be followed. Scania's battery charger kit contains all the components required for a simple installation. The mains power lead (1423904, 5 metres with EU plug; 1447109, 15 metres with EU plug, and 2152701, 5 metres with UK plug) is not included. Assembly instructions are included.

Charger KIT

Part nr.: 2148986
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Also avaliable in FFU, PRS 25809
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