Rear view camera 102° with guidelines

Part nr.: 2545699
Part Description:
Scania's FAMOS Rearview Camera with Guidelines is a sturdy, compact reversing camera. The camera is equipped with integrated guidelines when reversing, fisheye correction and displays a mirror image as standard and is dedicated to the Scania Premium radio. - Waterproof lens, scratch resistant and anti-dirt coating - New housing: Industrial plastic. Better resistance against dirt, automotive fluids. - Filling with automotive moulding, extreme good resistance against moisture, shock and vibrations - New generation HR CMOS chip - High light sensitivity <0,05 Lux. - High EMC-performance (100 V/m) - Operating temperature to 40°C -+85°C - 640*480 pixels - Integrated safety ticker
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Rear view camera with guidelines

Rear view camera with guidelines

The rear view camera mirror with guidelines is dedicated to the Scania Premium radio. This is an ultimate rear view camera with several advantages. It has integrated reversing guidelines to better estimate distances, a safety ticker to detect frozen images, fisheye corrected images to present better distance indication and also a standard MIRROR mode, which is recommended for rear view in combination with the Scania Premium Radio.