Scania in coorporation with Dreager

Scania alcohol interlock is developed in cooperation with Dreager, the world’s most trusted maker of breath alcohol measurement devices. We offer our customers the most reliable alcohol interlock available on the market: it is the same used by police forces world-wide.
The inside of vehicles are subject to huge swings in temperature and humidity; from freezing mornings to scorching afternoons. The Scania alcohol interlock has been made especially for the demanding conditions in vehicles and performs reliably from -45C to + 85C.
The Scania alcohol Interlock is straight-forward and easy to use. A beneficial feature is the extremely short warm-up and quick readiness for use. With a simple menu navigation on the coloured LED display the device is easy for the driver to use. It is also tamper-proof and is equipped with multiple sensors that confirms that it is a human who is blowing in the device. Attempts to manipulate the process are stored in a log. The interlock distinguish between alcohol from the blood and ambient alcohols such as washer fluid, mouth spray and Alco gel.
Due to its accuracy and reliability, the alcohol interlock meets the requirements of the two EU standards from 2014: EN 50436-1 and EN 50436-2.
Includes 5 mouthpieces. For other spare parts, please contact your local Scania dealer.
Read more about Scania Alcohol interlock in brochure 2383297.

Alcohol interlock 7000

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