Front view cameras

The Scania front view camera tackles the dangerous problem of no visibility in the blind spot at the front of the cab. The images provide clear, visual information. The cameras are 100% waterproof and feature heated lenses that eliminate frost and moisture problems. Scania camera systems conform to the latest CE, ADR, RFI, VDE and EMC specifications. The camera bracket is especially designed for optimum vision field.

Bracket for front view camera

Part nr.: 1899509
Part Description:
Standard color bracket-cover is black. Plastic material is suitable for spraypainting in cab-color for optimum esthetics of the truck.

Colour camera 118°

Part nr.: 2545694
Part Description:
Scania´s new camera generatation FAMOS is downwards compatible without any adjustments with the AMOS cameras. For an optimal image combine with the 7" LED DDIN monitor (pn 2245725) - Waterproof lens, scratch resistant and anti-dirt coating - New housing: Industrial plastic. Better resistance against dirt, automotive fluids. - Filling with automotive moulding, extreme good resistance against moisture, shock and vibrations - New generation HR CMOS chip - High light sensitivity <0,05 Lux. - High EMC-performance (100 V/m) - Operating temperature to 40°C -+85°C - 640*480 pixels - Integrated safety ticker

Camera 118° with bracket

Part nr.: 2545704
Part Description:
The camera is fixed in the bracket in order to secure a correct mounting as front view camera. Note! Suitable for the existing sun visor and Streamline sun visor (see the attached product sheet).