Camera system Area-view 360° Digital

Imagine being able to see all around your vehicle from one TVI 7-inch monitor - our Scania developed digital Area-view camera system gives you an overall view of every situation. Four wide-angle 720p HD cameras work together with the best software on the market to cover the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle, ensuring visibility in all directions. Parking, loading, and maneuvering through traffic can be carried out with a higher level of safety.

Area View kit RHD - 2823154 Digital

Part nr.: 2823154
Part Description:
Complete set 2823154 contains: 7 inch TVI monitor, resolution 800x480, contrast 500:1 4 pcs cameras, IP69K, 1080 x 720p, 190,5° viewing angle, 1 lux. 1 pcs ECU and all cables needed, front cam 5m, side cam 13m, +16m rear cam 18m. 1 kit of flexible monitor bracket for mounting on side of IP,
2719518 - Calibration kit 360 digital

- Calibration kit 360 digital

Part nr.: 2719518
Part Description:
A calibration kit for the digital 360 system is required to adjust the cameras in panoramic view. By doing this properly, the blindspots around the vheicle is limited to a minimum and gives the correct 360° view around the vheicle. the kit consists of 2 pcs calibration mats with pattern, 7x2m software package incl. calibration software, a variety of images, parking guide and a detailed how to manual. The kit is reusable and should be stored in workshop. Suitable for the Digital 360 system
2717618 - DVR device 128 GB 360 Digital

- DVR device 128 GB 360 Digital

Part nr.: 2717618
Part Description:
The video recording device consists of a digital 2-channel recorder, a 128 GB SD card with space for about 72 hours of recording. The video recording occurs in bird's eye view. Check that the recording devices are permitted according to the laws in the country you are working in.

- Camera 360 digital

Part nr.: 2717595
Part Description:
Spare camera, suitable for the digital 360 system
2717615 - Cable 3 metres 360 Digital

- Cable 3 metres 360 Digital

Part nr.: 2717615
Part Description:
No description available