Microwave 20 liters

The microwave oven makes it easy to cook meals while on the road.

Microwave oven 20L for Topline (complete kit)

Part nr.: 2381227
Part Description:
This microwave oven is supplied with a kit which contains an installation system for the shelf, an inverter and an off button which prevents creeping current. The cab must be fitted with a kitchenette prep. (micro, coffee or coffee maker + prepared for microwave). The off button will automatically deactivate the inverter after 30 minutes. This eliminates creeping current and minimises the risk of draining the starter battery.

Microwave oven (spare part)

Part nr.: 2381228
Part Description:
20-litre microwave oven. 600 watts, 12.5 kg, 230V (inverter necessary for installation in vehicles). Dimensions (mm): H271 x W457 x D360.