Speakers, Pioneer

Rock solid, full-bodied performance. Pioneer speakers release the full potential of the audio setup in your Scania.

3-Way 6" x 8", 350 W (TS-A6813i)

Part nr.: 2148272
Part Description:
3-Way 6" x 8" Speakers (350 W). Enjoy a sound that is more accurate, with a full-bodied bass. Fits P-, G-, R-series trucks. Only for trucks produced up until December 2012.

Subwoofer 150 W (TS-WX210A)

Part nr.: 2064803
Part Description:
Use this 20cm sub vertically or horizontally: it takes up a minimum amount of space. But its performance punch is an attention-grabber. A quality MOSFET 150 W amplifier provides powerful bass, while a cabinet-reinforcing aluminium die-cast heat sink is responsible for top sound performance, free of distortion. A wired remote control is included for easy gain, phase and LPF tuning.

Mounting adapter for loudspeaker in door

Part nr.: 2279869
Part Description:
Mounting adapter for loudspeaker in door. Supplied in pairs, including rivets and screws for mounting in the side of the door. This adapter allows non-OEM loudspeakers to be installed. The mounting adapter is suitable for 6" x 8" loudspeakers.