Pioneer radio interfaces

All you need to upgrade your Pioneer music experience.

Aerial adapter

Part nr.: 2064806
Part Description:
Aerial adapter that is needed to connect a Pioneer radio in a Scania.

USB audio and video adapter cable

Part nr.: 2064805
Part Description:
Audio and video USB adpater cable for iPhone/iPod's

Adapter cable, FAKRA to ISO

Part nr.: 2204849
Part Description:
A necessary adapter cable when retrofitting a Pioneer radio into a vehicle that was previously equipped with a Scania navigation radio 1930389 or 2026742.

Pioneer DAB antenna

Part nr.: 2429096
Part Description:
DAB antenna for fitting on the windscreen. Connected to the digital antenna input on the Pioneer unit. For Pioneer units: - X8700DAB - 4700DAB - F960DAB-C

Scania centre panel for installation of Pioneer 2-DIN navigation.

Part nr.: 2473788
Part Description:
The centre panel has been designed especially for installation of Pioneer's 2-DIN navigation units.